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Let’s talk about replacement car keys. First off a replacement car key is NOT a copy! Many individuals will mix the two and they will also consider a re-key as a replacement. Now let’s clarify the difference;

  • Copy of a car key: simply means that you already hold a key to your vehicle and you need or wish to have an extra copy, and in case you would misplace it you will avoid the cost of a replacement key.
  • Re-Key: “I need to re-key my car” is a phrase that is very common, now re-keying means that you wish to change the combination of your locks and mold a new key. In this situation the previous mechanical key (simple metal key non transponder) will now longer work.
  • Replacement car key: at the event where you completely misplace your car key and no longer hold a copy of it you would need a replacement. In this case we would mold a key to the locks of the vehicle and program it if necessary.

Now let’s talk about different types of car keys.

Replacement car keys are Oakland Parks’ Locksmith pride and joy. We take our work seriously to provide the best service possible. Our replacement car key division is equipped with some of the best and latest car key cutting and programming equipment.

Mechanical Keys: early models vehicles as well as some of the newer models have only a mechanical key. There are now additional security systems and transponder chips. If you have an alarm on your vehicle it does not necessarily mean that your key has a chip in it, it also works the other way around.

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GM VAT System Keys: in the early 90’s General Motors introduced the “Vehicle Anti-Theft System” to most of its models. A GM VAT keys are equipped with a “chip” which is an actual resistor. One of the problems whit this system is first it can be bypassed although it is not reliable and it could stop working at any time. The second problem which makes it more difficult for us is that there are 15 different resistances that could be. That means that we have to stock a few blanks of each resistor and have them on hand at all times.


Transponder Keys: A transponder is short for: transmitter + responder. The transponder chip will disarm the vehicles immobilizer and will allow it to start. Now we are going to explain the process. The chip that is inside the key has a certain code printed into it, that chip will communicate with a receptor (which is a coil ring located around the ignition lock cylinder) that coil will translate the signal to the ECU (engine control unit aka the vehicles computer) which will give permission to the fuel pump to release fuel and allow the car to start. There are many different transponder chips that require different equipment in order to match the keys to the cars computer. In a nut shell that is a brief explanation of a transponder chip function.transponder keys, replacement car keys oakland park,


Here at Oakland Park Replacement Car Key division we are able to cut even “laser cut keys” also known as a sidewinder cut keys. These types of car keys require a more advanced machinery and many local locksmiths are not able to cut the. So when you are in a need for a replacement car key in the Oakland Park area you know who to call!

In most new model vehicles after the cutting of the replacement car key, a programming is needed but for that topic we will describe in detail in a different page.