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Although it is uncommon for a locksmith to repair sliding glass doors, Oakland Park Locksmith does!

A sliding glass door is still an entry to your home and we want to ensure that it operates smoothly, and is secure. There are several issues that can occur in a sliding glass door, such as:

  • Roller malfunction or damage: in this case it will be hard to slide the glass door and it could get annoying.
    If you have kids and they are unable to move the door due to damaged rollers which will require roller replacement.

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  • Repair and/or replacement of damaged tracking: when the sliding glass door tracking is damaged it could give you the same signs as a roller malfunction.
    The doors will not operate smoothly and will require two hands to open the door. Also you could experience sort of a “bumpy ride”
    since the track will possibly be bent and result in the door falling off the track
  • Weather Stripping: Living in sunny Florida can get extremely hot at times. Weather stripping for sliding glass doors will be essential not to waste costly electricity buy the cool air
    escaping through a ripped stripping, and even for bugs and reptiles .
  • Glass Replacement: “I didn’t see it, it was too clean” may your friend say after walking through a closed glass door! Oakland Park Sliding Glass Door department also specializes in glass replacement. Whatever the cause of a broken glass door may be we will be able to replace it for you. Note that there are many different sizes, tints, and also many of the newer homes will have Hurricane impact glass which will require a special order and a longer process. In the event that you require a special order, our techs will come on site and border the space of where the glass is broken until the necessary materials arrive.
  • Latches, Levers, Handles etc: Self explanatory, in case the latch or any of the locking mechanisms are damaged Oakland Park Sliding Glass Repair experts will be able to repair or replace them.
  • Security Locks and Charlie Bars: One of the most common entries that occur in home brake-in are through the sliding doors!
    It is important to ensure our security by installing addition locking mechanisms on our patio doors.sliding glass door locks, repair sliding glass door locks, sliding door lock repair
  • Screen Doors: Mosquito and other bugs are all over South Florida, for that reason we have screen doors. With time and our weather conditions they do get ruined, ripped etc. The Oakland Park Sliding Door specialists will go on site, take the appropriate measurements and repair/replace the screen doors.
  • Leaking Doors: Weather it’s a sliding glass door, the entry front door or your shower doors. Leaks can cause a much larger damage to your home. Our specialist will thoroughly examine where the leak is coming from and we will seal it for you.

Those are some of the services we provide as far as Sliding Glass Doors. If you have any addition questions or concerns feel free to contact us at any time @ (954) 260-7997

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