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Its Saturday morning and you are about to go for your routine run, you got your phone set on your favorite station on Pandora, the bottle of water is nice and cold, you walk out the house close the door press Play, all excited about a nice run and the you realize “oh man i locked my keys inside”! not a very nice way to start your Saturday morning, but unfortunately it happens and much more often than you would think.house locksmith, lockout service oakland park, locked keys in house

Oakland Park House Lockout Service techs are ready for these kinds of emergencies. Getting locked out of your home is not a fun experience and we understand that, therefore our home lockout specialists are always on call, day or night literally 24 hours a day 7 days a week! This is our job and we take it seriously.
Some lockout situations are more complex than others; there are hundreds if not thousands of different locks in now day market. From the standard 5 pin Kwikset locks to Medeco m3′s and all in between. Oakland Park House Lockout service techs hold some of the latest and best equipment, in order to assist our clients in an efficient and professional manor.

Picking a lock can be difficult at times; it is not as seen on TV when James Bond Mr. 007 picks the lock within 2 seconds! Yeah maybe he should start a Lock Picking 101 course.
Some locks are relevantly easy and quick to pick, and some require different equipment, and then there are those who cannot be picked at all like the Kwikset Smart Key Locks or the Medeco brands etc.
in these cases we are forced to drill the lock and replace it with a new one.

There is another method of unlocking your home and it is called Lock Bumping. This method has been used by criminals and we must beware of the situation and we strongly recommend to upgrade your locks. Click here to watch a quick video about lock bumping. Now tell me you would not want to upgrade your locks after seeing someone unlock your front door lock with bumping!

After you saw and attempted several different ways but was unsuccessful unlocking your door it’s time to call a professional. Our House Lockout Specialist are ready to assist you, quickly, and at any time call Oakland Park Locksmith’s Home Lockout Specialists NOW! (954) 260-7997